Sunday, November 27, 2011

Assignments for First Semester Week 14 - Monday, November 27, 2011

My Kids,
I totally blanked last week and forgot to tell you that I will be out today. I am out because I am finally at my LAST Academic Language training.  I know it is rough timing, because we are starting a project, but I tried my hardest to write simple instructions that you can complete without me.  Ms. Raquel and the sub will be there to help you. I will also have my cell phone and iPad on me if you need to ask me a question.  Sophomores, I know you will be angels.  Freshmen, please remember the chat we had about being responsible when I am not there. Thank you for understanding!
-Ms. Priester

PS I miss you guys.  I wish I was there. 

English 9 & 10 - Periods 1-4
Academic Language Week 14: CRP &
Narrator & Voice Assessment Project -Thanksgiving - Part A
Narrator & Voice Assessment Project - Thanksgiving - Part B

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