Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Assignments for First Semester Week 11 - Tuesday, November 1, 2011

English 9 & 10 - Periods 1-4
Warm-up and Classwork
Dia de los Muertos Character Assessment - Construct Altars
-Ms. Priester will just give you points in the gradebook
Dia de los Muertos Character Assessment - Add to Altars
-I am away from a computer to post the form. I will do it later. Here are the basic expectations:

----one small box covered with gray paper on the outside and lined with colors on the inside
----appearance element (photo)
----actions element (item to represent what he/she did)
----speech element (famous quote from the person)
----thoughts and feelings element (symbol of something he/she believes)
----others thoughts and speech element (quote of what others have said about your person)

-traditional Mexican Dia de los Muertos elements
-paragaph or OAATS chart to explain your altar

REMEMBER that all altars will be displayed after school tomorrow at 6:30. Remind your house!

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