Friday, November 12, 2010

Warm-Up for Monday, 11/12/2010

Periods 2-5:
Homeroom Reform Essay Final Draft Submission
-Form  (If you can't get the form to work, email a copy of the full text to 

Blabberize Text:
My kids, I am out sick today.  I know that the Homeroom Reform essays are all due to today, so they can be submitted.  But, I have a doctor's note telling me to stay home.  Don't worry Brian, Isaac, and Marcos--I will be back on Monday.  However, I really need you to submit your essays and today's schedule involves a spontaneous movie and games.  

For the essay, I was planning on touching base with each team as they submitted it to the official NBC San Diego Form.  However, I just decided that I will have each of you send me the full text of your paper.  From home, I will give it a once-over proofread and submit it for you.  This must be done today, since the contest ends on Sunday.  

Since today's schedule does not allow you to attend my class for a period, you will submit your essays during the movie time this morning using the form below.  I have already talked to Ms. Emily Green from UROK, and she will help you.  If you have a problem with this, you need to email me,  I will be at my laptop or have my iPhone on me all morning to answer questions.   

I know this is really inconvenient, but I expect that you will all take the initiative to submit your paper.  I will not chase you down, but I will give you a good nudge to hold you accountable; if your paper is not in by midnight tonight, I will drop your entire paper by one grade level for both partners.  I am hoping that I will not need to worry about this and will have all of your papers submitted by this afternoon.  Thank you for yourcooperation.

By the way, of course you still have homework.  You will write a reflective post about today's events.  Check the blog!  Have a good day!

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