Monday, November 15, 2010

Assignments for Monday, 11/15/2010

Morning!  Thank you to the kids who submitted their essays over the weekend.  I really appreciate your extra effort to complete your work even though Friday was a nontraditional day on campus.

Today, we will complete a variety of housekeeping tasks, since I will be out of class for the next four days at committee meetings.  While I am gone you will be responsible for finishing the rest of the theme unit.  I will post assignments daily and be available for support through email.  Please prepare yourself to responsibly work while the sub in our classroom.

Also, please send an email to to give me your main email address.  If you would like, you can also add your house phone number and cell phone number.  I might try experimenting with sending text reminders to you while I am away.
Periods 2-5:
Homeroom Reform Essay Blog Post

Periods 2-5:
Blog Feedback and Revision Rubric

Since the entire campus will attend the Jammer Foundation's Annual Thanksgiving Dinner tonight, you do not have any homework. But, I recommend that you write a reflective post about the experience. 

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