Monday, October 11, 2010

Warm-Up for Monday, 10/11/2010

My Kids,

Last night I received a phone call notifying me about and technology training today, so I will not be at school.  It's the third part to the two-day one I attended a few weeks ago with some of the SPA students.  I apologize for not telling you in advance, but I did not know either.

Over the weekend, I graded the essays and finished grading the sophomores finals.  If you want to see your essay grade, check the Google Doc you shared with me.  Today, you will self-assess your blog and read one another's blogs to add comments.  If I gave you instructions to revise your essay, you may do that during class, too.  I will have my laptop open and be near it for most of the day, so you may email me at if you have any questions or concerns.  Also, I will stay after school tomorrow to help you as needed.  Thank you for your cooperation!

-Ms. Priester

Periods 2-5:
Blog Feedback Form B
-Evaluate your own blog.
-View spreadsheet

Planner-Stamp Video & Ten-Second Sound Off Sentence Starter:
None, since we have a sub.

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