Friday, October 08, 2010

Warm-Up and Classwork for Friday, 10/8/2010

Periods 2-5: Writing Lab
Autobiographical Narrative Final Draft

How to Videos
-Formatting Video by Ms.Priester
-Publishing Video by Ms. Priester

Hooray to my rockstar writers!
I have received autobiographical narratives from:
---Freshmen: Jennifer, Ema, Genonna, Michael, P'Jay, July, Elena, Breanna, Pablo
---Sophomores: Tierra, Shaurice, Rebekah, Marcus, Amy, Heather, Kelsey, Isaac, Chanda, Janie, Joseph, Marcos, Broderick, Nora, Bella, Yaya, Aqua, Kiki, Aryon, John, Emilio, Tashanna, Alliyah, Eric, Oceraya

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