Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Warm-Up and Classwork for Wednesday, 5/12/2010

Hi, my kids!  After school yesterday, I realized that I was scheduled to attend another cyber safety training today.  I apologize for not notifying you during class.  Since we are in the middle of our papers, I decided to just create a little lesson that you all can complete without my help.  Please follow all of the directions to complete this assignment by the end of class.  Since this assignment counts as both a warm-up and classwork, it needs to be finished before the end of class. If your assignment is late, I will only allow you to earn a maximum of below grade level. Please be on-task all period and behave for the sub.  If you finish early, you may work on your blog, play Free Rice, or use Mavis Beacon.  I will be near my computer today, so you may email me if you need help.    

Periods 2-5:
APA Format Teacher-less Lesson

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